School News

British international school Classic is pleased to invite you on April 20, 2018 on an Open Door Day

5 April 2018, Thursday

9.00am – 9.40am

Lateral thinking. Bulgarian language - I class

Panel Discussion. Bulgarian language - V class

Reversed classroom. Bulgarian language - VII class

9.50am – 10.30am

Thinking cards. Memory Techniques. Mathematics - II class

Open tasks. Mathematics - VI class


Debate. Philosophy - X grade.

Situational method. History and Civilization - XI Class

11.30am – 12.10pm

Theory of Multiple Intelligences. English language- IV grade

Random method. English language - VI grade

Theory of Multiple Intelligences. English language- IX grade

The game in language learning. English language- VIII grade

12.20pm – 1.00pm

Workshop "ART.Co". Art and literacy - I class


A personal meeting with the owner and director Reni Ilieva to discuss the achievements and prospects for school development as part of the large worldwide family of international schools.

 Pre-save your place and time to visit a phone 0888310251














House for musical wonders

23 February 2018, Friday

The children plunged into the wonderful world of music. Aside from listening, they were actively involved in a wonderful hour with percussion instruments that our guests kindly gave us.

Healthy eating

16 February 2018, Friday

On 16.02.18 the children of the BIS "Classic" were introduced to the first topic of a comprehensive educational program aimed at acquiring healthy eating habits. Acquired in childhood, they would have an effect in reducing obesity and preventing many health problems at a later stage. We are awaiting for the second topic with impatience!

Crazy laboratory

2 February 2018, Friday

What is a scientific experiment? What happens when you mix, dissolve and reconcile different chemical reagents? The element of surprise, the element of discovery, all the new possibilities and worlds that chemistry can reveal to us - that and so many other things we try at the Crazy Laboratory. Children from BIS "Classic" enjoyed it and realized that science was something very interesting and every child could feel like a real scientist.

Happy 1st of March!

1 March 2018, Thursday

Everywhere spring is welcomed with joy and new hope, and in Bulgaria its expectance is presented in the form of an ancient tradition. This millennial, but pagan ritual of bedecking is the first sign of the end of the winter and the coming of spring. Martenitsa, martychka, gadalushka, kitchilka - are different names for the ritual decoration of twisted white and red threads that are put on March 1st for health . Vital and strong is our tradition! And now it brings a lot of joy and beauty, it loads us with energy and hope, it also gives love.They once thought of martenitsa's as some kind of an amulet against evil powers and bedecking with martenitsa's as a magical ritual act.With her coming, may we welcome spring and hope, happiness and joy. Happy 1st of March! We wish you a wonderful week of March, may you have a great mood and a lot of smiles!

All of us from BIS Classic,

Best Regards

Parent meeting about the second term 2017/2018 school year

23 February 2018, Friday

Partnership, cooperation, effective communication between teachers and parents as well as constructive problem-solving are the basic principles at British International School Classic. We focus on support, understanding and motivating achievements.

Dear parents,

The constructive interaction is an integral part for both sides to implement our major approach- to support , to create calm and successful atmosphere for young people. 
The parent-teacher conferences are to be held as follows:
Looking forward to meeting you!

Grades 1 to 7 - 27.02.2018 (Tuesday)
Grades 8 to 12 - 28.02.2017 (Wednesday)

Beginning at 5:00 pm 


23 January 2018, Tuesday

British International School Classic organize а Ski- school in Pamporovo resort complex from february 11,till february 16 -2018.

Let us give them a breath of fresh air and everyday sports for better health and building a good habits for our children.

English language holidays in England - "Harrow House International College"- Swanage

11 January 2018, Thursday

British International School Classic is organising a 2-week language holidays in England in Harrow House International College-Swanage from March 31, 2018 till April 14, 2018 for students from grade 5 to grade 12, offering English language classes, sports activities and full board. A copy of the international passport and the total sum for the course are required on registration at the school office. Registration deadline - January 25th 2018. For more information please call at 032/ 625 220.


5 December 2017, Tuesday

The attractive game named Flybow was organized today in Classic school. The game helps children develop their skills how to play with a bow. It is played with the help of arrows, which are perfectly safe for the children, whose top is replaced with a composite nozzle made of rubber and foam. Playing the game turned out to be an easy task both for the teachers and students. Inspired by this artistic game, the children got lots of positive emotions, energy and unforgettable memories.

Autumn vacation 2017

31 October 2017, Tuesday

Тhe days from November 1st, 2017 until November 5th, 2017 including are non-school days - autumn vacation.

Рarent- teacher meeting 2017/2018

7 September 2017, Thursday

Dear Parents,
It is with a great pleasure to invite you to attend this year's first parent meeting. The main objective of the meeting is to provide you with a more detailed information about the forthcoming school year 2017- 2018. We will be expecting you on the 12th of September for students from 1-7 grade and 13th of September for students from 8-12 grade 2017 at a time that would suit you best, anytime between 12 pm. – 6pm.
We are happy to work together again!

Non- school days - May 2017

22 May 2017, Monday

There will be non- school days at 24th and 25th of May, 2017 due to the Bulgarian Education and Culture, and Slavonic Literature Day (24.05.2017). 

All students will return to school on Friday, 26th of May, 2017. 

Spring holidays

7 April 2017, Friday

Students from Grade 1 to Grade 11 are having their Spring holidays from April 8, 2017 till April 17, 2017 including.
Students from Grade 12 are having their Spring holidays from April 13, 2017 till April 17, 2017 including.

Non-school day

24 March 2017, Friday

27-th of March, 2017 (Monday) is a non-school day. This is the day after the Elections for Parliament in Bulgaria.

Awarded students at the National competition "My native country", Round 2

23 March 2017, Thursday

BIS “Classic” is among the highest achievers taking some of the first places in the National competition “My native country” - Round 1. Students in grade 5, 6 and 7 inspired by their love for our homeland took great pride in demonstrating their knowledge of Bulgarian history. Extremely knowledgeable and excellently prepared our students took some of the first places at the national level of the competition.
Golden medals were awarded to Stilianna Mollova and Hristina Rogacheva- grade 5, Viktoria Petrova and Martin Shokdrov- grade 6. Silver medals were awarded to Nikola Asfura and Victor Genchev - grade 5, Anna Ivanova, Ahter Besimoglu, Ioana Raikova and Lara Hassoun - grade 6. Bronze medals were awarded to Ivana Karteva- grade 5, Daniil Rizhov, Ilko Iliov, Ioanna Maria Blagoeva and Kristina Stoykova- grade 7.
Congratulations to our winners! We are so proud of you!


  • The prerequisite for development of a new educational paradigm is the understanding of the necessity of a different type of education and upbringing in a different type of school. The main focus is the formation of each youngster as an author of innovative ideas.
    The spiritual, intellectual and physical development at BIS Classic aims at maximizing each child's potential with the perspective of a successful social integration. The necessary partnership in the process of creative thinking, the support in the individual discovery of knowledge and the formation of a personal approach in their application in various situations are all implemented within our new methodology. It subtly develops the potential of children while preserving their own individuality. The existing system of achievements motivation, is directly linked to a deep, continious as well as a profound motivation, ambition and success.