Enrolment Requirements

Preparatory year admission
8 children aged five or six will be accepted.

First grade admission
12 children aged six or seven will be accepted.

BIS Classic Current Students Admission requirements for
2017/2018 school year
In order to continue their education at BIS Classic, students' grades must be above Very good 5.00. They must have also successfully pass the English language examination at the end of the year. 

BIS Classic Admission requirements for 2017/2018 school year (for students transferring from other schools)
New students can apply at Classic, provided there are available places. Their final grade must be not lower than 5.00 (Very good) and their score on the admission test must be not lower than 70 pts.

2017/2018 International GCSE Admission
In order to enrol for an International GCSE, Bulgarian candidates must be students in either Grade 7 or 8. Application requirements - latest grades, admission test and a cover letter in English. 

2017/2018 GCE A-Level Admission
In order to enrol for GCE A-Level, Bulgarian students must have successfully completed Grade 10 (according to the Bulgarian Educational standards). Application requirements - latest grades, admission test and a cover letter in English. 

Exam registrations take place either in school or online. 

Information meetings
The aim of the information meetings with candidates and their parents is to present the specifics of the Bulgarian and British educational standards, admission criteria and timetable.
The admission exam takes three hours to complete. The exam comprises of questions on the following areas: Mathematics, Science, English and Logic. Each component lasts 40 mins with a 5-minute break between them.  

Upon enrolment a student is expected to sign a contract for education and to pay 50% of the school fees. Fees are determined by the School Management Board and may be updated according to the expected school expenditures.

The school follows a strict enrolment procedure.


  • The prerequisite for development of a new educational paradigm is the understanding of the necessity of a different type of education and upbringing in a different type of school. The main focus is the formation of each youngster as an author of innovative ideas.
    The spiritual, intellectual and physical development at BIS Classic aims at maximizing each child's potential with the perspective of a successful social integration. The necessary partnership in the process of creative thinking, the support in the individual discovery of knowledge and the formation of a personal approach in their application in various situations are all implemented within our new methodology. It subtly develops the potential of children while preserving their own individuality. The existing system of achievements motivation, is directly linked to a deep, continious as well as a profound motivation, ambition and success.