Why Choose Classic


Educational model

"Classic" combines Bulgarian and British education standards. The school is now introducing a bilingual educational model, beginning at Grade 1. The content of teaching plans and programmes of study corresponds to the British National Curriculum.


Methodological model

The school has implemented an innovative educational methodology aiming at developing children's emotional and practical intelligence. This methodology can particularly be seen in subjects such as Art and Design and PSHE. 


Objective assessment

Taking into account the world leading standards in the field of education, "Classic" has implemented an objective assessment system as well as an educational quality control system.   


Organisational model

The school daily schedule is organised in such a way that it takes into account every student's physiological and psychological developement.


Number of students

At BIS "Classic" each class consist of no more than 12 pupils. Our teachers are thus able to work closely with each pupil and to provide an adequate feedback, guidance as well as an assistance, if needed. 



British International School Classic is implementing new ICT in its educational process. State-of-the-art interactive boards and tablets have been provided. Interactive lessons, e-tests and other e-learning sources are now part and parcel of the educational process.