2017 / 2018 terms schedulе

School Vacations
01.11.2017 – 05.11.2017                        Autumn vacation
23.12.2017 – 02.01.2018                        Christmas vacation
03.02.2018 – 06.02.2018                        Winter vacation 
31.03.2018 – 09.04.2018                        Spring vacation 

Non-school days

21.05.2018 – State final exam in Bulgarian language and literature and national external assessment in Bulgarian language and literature for grade 7th.
23.05.2018 – Second state final exam and national external assessment in mathematics for grade 7th.
24.05. - 25.05.2018 - the Day of Bulgarian script, education and culture 

Out-of-school activities

18.05.2018 – One-day school trip 1. - 4. grade
31.05.2018 – Sports day
07.06. and 08.06.2018 – Two-day school trip 5. – 11. grade

„Intelligence Tournament” Schedule

17.04.2017 – 1. - 4. grade – 14.00 hrs
18.04.2017 – 5. - 7. grade – 14.00 hrs

Days with changed daily schedule

During the school year after research and team work we celebrate the following Bulgarian and World days:
September 26th - The World Day of Languages
October 1st – The World Day of Music
November 1st – Day of the Bulgarian Enlightenment
November 16th – Tolerance Day
March 3rd – The Liberation of Bulgaria
March 14th –  International Day of Mathematics
April 1st – International Day of Humour
April 21st – Great Britain's National Day
April 22nd –  World Day of the Earth
April 23rd – World Book Day
May 9th – Day of Europe
May 24th – Day of Bulgarian script, education and culture


  • The prerequisite for development of a new educational paradigm is the understanding of the necessity of a different type of education and upbringing in a different type of school. The main focus is the formation of each youngster as an author of innovative ideas.
    The spiritual, intellectual and physical development at BIS Classic aims at maximizing each child's potential with the perspective of a successful social integration. The necessary partnership in the process of creative thinking, the support in the individual discovery of knowledge and the formation of a personal approach in their application in various situations are all implemented within our new methodology. It subtly develops the potential of children while preserving their own individuality. The existing system of achievements motivation, is directly linked to a deep, continious as well as a profound motivation, ambition and success.